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We are walking a new path in solar energy.

Solar energy is the energy contained in sunlight we can use with technology. Use in the form of electrical power, heat, but also as chemical energy. While the solar constant at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere has an intensity of 1.367 kW per square meter, the solar radiation energy reaching the earth’s surface only ranges from 0.114 to 0.268 kW per square meter, depending on region.

Solar energy is a limitless energy source. And therefore the largest one. Solar collectors are used to create heat. In solar power plants, electricity is generated with the help of steam. We use photovoltaic systems to create a direct current.

Solar radiation is subject to daily-, seasonal- and regional fluctuations. Theoretically, a solar farm located in the Sahara with a surface area of 700 by 700 kilometers (approx. 435 by 435 miles) would suffice to cover the entire global need for energy, even if it only had an efficiency rating of 10 percent.

Yet another approach to clean energy and a problem solution.

LiquiSolar is so much more than only proactive protection of the environment.

Peerless. Simple.

LiquiSolar can be configured in any way desired.

LiquiSolar is so much more than only   proactive protection of the environment. With our patented technology, we simply place solar panels on water. Anywhere they are needed. LiquiSolar can be installed in as little as one day and connect to the grid immediately - the power output of up to 30 megawatts (MW) creates an entirely new level of flexibility and solutions.

LiquiSolar is safe. The evaporation of water in hot regions alone makes our product a must-have in the energy mix. The reduction of algae proliferation and the safety of drinking water supplies also provide LiquiSolar with permanent future prospects. The solar panels have an extremely long service life - not least due to the fact that the water provides permanent cooling from below.

LiquiSolar isn’t just a product for activist investors, it is the next step on the way to clean energy and a better understanding of the environment. And aside from that, the systems make money – not only by receiving buyback compensation, but due to the fact that these systems help in solving energy problems right where they occur.

The new generation of solar applications.

LiquiSolar is the next step towards the future.

LiquiSolar builds waterborne solar power plants based on patented platforms.

In addition to free-range installations and rooftop systems for factories and storage facilities, the power generation with waterborne solar plants on the tremendous amount of available water surfaces offers entirely new possibilities and solutions.

LiquiSolar can be deployed on almost any type of water body and has the potential to offer entirely new applications - especially in regions where the amount of precipitation fluctuates severely.

Especially in latent flood zones, LiquiSolar is a perfect solution.

No fear of big storms.

Thanks to the cooling effect of the water, waterborne power plants produce more power than free-range and rooftop installations. By shadowing the water, they reduce the evaporation effect and the proliferation of algae in water reservoirs.

The floating structures are entirely reusable. They are made from high-density polyurethane and are resistant to ultraviolet light and corrosion.

A stable design and the rugged installation technology ensure that the swimming platforms can withstand even heavy storms and typhoons.

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The fascination of new technologies.

LiquiSolar is raising the bar on the approach to solar power installations.

Less evaporation, less algae growth.

Being cooled by the water makes these swimming power plants highly efficient. 

Keep it simple.

Installing has never been quicker.

Every electrical requirement and configuration will be met.

The system can be customized and expanded to meet any requirement.

Installation within one day can normally be guaranteed.

The installation does not require exotic tools or machines. The installation is performed by local businesses.

All materials can be recycled completely.


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Proactive protection of the environment.

No negative environmental impact. Drinking water safety.

According to expert opinions, the environmental impact is negligible.

Minimization of water evaporation, particularly in hot regions.

No impact on bird life or breeding behaviors.

Conservation of water resources.

Safeguarding of existing ecosystems.

Improvement of the existing water quality, especially the reduction of possible algae proliferation.

Securing of beds and side-fixations by reducing waves and water movement.


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The profitability.

Fast deployment almost over night.

Quick assembly in any defined size.

Due to its unique value creation chain, consequent cost optimization and competitive solar components, LiquiSolar offers an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Quick amortization.

Optimized power generation of up to 30 megawatts, due to the natural cooling of the panels and other used materials.


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This is how businesses can utilize alternative energy sources.

With its patented technology, LiquiSolar simply places solar panels on the water.

Use in flood zones.

LiquiSolar offers entirely new solutions for structural surface utilization planning.



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